07/04/18 | Iceland Trip

Trip: Iceland Trip

Date: 7 – 13 April 2018

Location: Akureyri, Iceland

Level: Skiers and snowboarders with experience in off piste and ski touring

Average age: 35 years (between 25 and 45 years old, you are more then welcome if you're older!!)


If you’re interested in this trip, please contact us. We only have 2 spots left!!


After a great trip last year, we are going back to Iceland at the beginning of April! We will make beautiful skinning tours through the spectacular fjords of Iceland! The way up will be at least as spectacular as the way down. There are only a few countries on earth that are as magical as Iceland. A land of fire and ice, were you will be riding from spectacular peaks towards the blue ocean, surrounded by the beautiful fjords. Isn’t that everybody’s dream?


Iceland, a location for adventures skiers and snowboarders who are looking for an unique experience in the snow, were you will be riding countless beautiful runs without seeing other people. But.. You have to earn your turns! There is no ski area, you will be skinning up the many mountain peaks for 5 days, to get rewarded with the most spectacular rides down. We are based in the northern part of Iceland, close to the city Akureyri. Because the mountains are situated near the sea the weather conditions could change any moment. On one day it’s possible to ride in the rain, snow, wind and a lovely warm sun. It’s a magical place with mountain peaks rising out of the sea, unexpected weather conditions, lot’s of snow and if you are lucky the northern light! In short, an experience to never forget!!


This trip is suitable for women who already have experience in tourskiing or splitboarding. You don’t need to have much experience, but you need to have done it before and know what it is like. You need to be in good condition and fit. And you need to be able to ride in different type of snow conditions. Every day we will skin up an altitude of 700 till 1100 meters, depending on the weather and the group.


If you don’t have the right equipment, please get in contact with us. We are working together with Salomon and we will see if we can hook you up with the finest tour equipment. If you don’t have an avalanche package, no worries! We will take care of your avalanche package.


An unforgettable week in Iceland! The price for this trip is €1999,-. That includes:

5 days of riding with a certified guide
5 nights in an apartment

1 night in a hotel on the airport
5 days of using Salomon equipment
Avalanche set; shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver
Freeride movie
Airport transfer
Local transfer
Goodiebag with goodies from Roxy



Return flight to Reykjavik
Breakfast, Dinners and drinks
Travel and cancellation insurance


Level of riding

This trip is suitable for women who already have experience in tourskiing or splitboarding. You don’t need to have much experience, but you need to have done it before and know what it is like. (spitzkehren is something you need to be able to do)You need to be in good condition and fit as there are no ski lifts. You need to be able to ride in different type of snow conditions and be a confident rider. Besides that, you need to have experience in riding off piste. You don't have to be a great off piste skier or boarder, but you should have some experience in riding off the slopes and should be confident going down in any terrain. This is not only for your own safety, but also for the safety of the rest of the group. If you have any doubts, please contact Sanne > sanne@chickyclinics.com .


On the road with a guide

We will be riding for 5 days with a certified guide. This guide, Manfred Heim, is born and raised in Kleinwalsertal and has his own mountaineering company, named Bergschule Kleinwalsertal. He knows the area very well, will always find some untracked powder and is happy to take us to the most beautiful parts of Iceland.



If you don’t have the right equipment, please get in contact with us. We are working together with Salomon and we will see if we can hook you up with the finest tour equipment. You will need tourski’s or a splitboard including skins. The ski’s and boards that we are taking with us are used for riding off piste and touring. The tourski is a ski with a tourbinding, which you can open at the back so it will be easier to walk up the mountain. When you’re walking up the mountain you will put skins underneath your ski’s, so you won’t slide back. A splitboard is a snowboard that exists out of 2 parts. When you want to walk up the mountain you can use this board as two ski’s with skins underneath it. After you’re done hiking you can put the 2 ski’s together by a smart system and enjoy your ride down. The skis and boards are often a bit wider and longer than the average of skis or boards, which makes it easier on to ‘float’ on powder-snow. You have to take your own snowboard boots or ski boots and poles with you. The snowboarders need to have telescope poles as well. Let us know if you don’t have the right equipment and we can see what we can do with Salomon in your country.



You will have to book your own flight to Reykjavik. As soon as we know the trip will take place, we will let you know on which flight the Chicky clinics crew is on. If you would like to you can (partly) book the same flight. There will be a latest flight that you can catch towards reykjavik as we will all be on the same airport transfer towards Akureyri. On site we will have our own van that will takes us to the most beautiful spots every day. On the last day you will have the opportunity to stay in Iceland and go for sightseeing in the area of Reykjavik. We will discuss this as soon as we have the group together.



The food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) is not included during this trip. Close by the Apartment there is a supermarket where we can buy some food. This is not expensive in Iceland. During the night we will all cook together or go out for a dinner. It's very important that you bring enough water during skiing/boarding and also something like an energy bar or something with sugar. We recommend to bring some energy foods from home. Be aware: skinning costs more energy than normal riding and there may not be any restaurants nearby. It is also good to be able to eat and drink something upon completion of a hike, so you can ride down the mountain full of energy!!


Your stay

We will stay this week in an Apartment close by the city of Akureyri, in the north of Iceland. Our Apartment is situated in a big and modern house with spectacular views over the water and the mountains. You will be sharing a room with another participant. On the last night (Thursday) we will stay in a hotel close to the airport, so you can take an early flight home.



We recommend to check your travel insurance if you are insured when you are skiing off piste. Many travel insurance companies do not insure these activities. It is important to check in advance, because if anything would happen beside the slopes, you may need to be picked up by a helicopter, then you will have to pay these costs yourself if you are not insured. We don’t want to scare you, but an accident can happen! And in any case, we want you knowing about it! If your travel insurance does not cover this, take a look at mountain sports insurances. We recommend taking a cancellation insurance as well.

It is required during this journey to wear an avalanche package on the mountain. You will be riding in unprepared tracks. For your own safety and for the safety of others, it is therefore required to wear an avalanche package. An avalanche package means that you must have an avalanche transceiver, a shovel and a probe. If you don’t have your own avalanche backpack then you will receive one from us. In addition, it is also required that you wear a helmet during this trip. Also wearing a good goggle is a must! The glass of the sunglasses can break if you fall and when it snows there will be snow in your eyes and you will see no depth. A goggle offers protection against the snow, the sun and the lens cannot break. We recommend you wear a goggle with removable lens. You can adjust the lens depending on the snow conditions. If the sun shines, you will need a mirror lens to protect you from the sun. If it is snowing or there is a bad visibility, then you will need a light lens (Orange, yellow, pink) so you can see the depth better and you can enjoy your ride even more! If you do not have these materials, let us know! We can provide Salomon and Roxy goggles for special prices!


Are you stoked and ready fora n adventure to never forget? Subscribe on our website, because availability is limited! FULL = FULL!! The trip costs €1999,-. To confirm your registration, we will need a down-payment done of €250,-. The Trip has a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants. Only 2 spots left!


Price of the trips-snow: € 1.999,00 per person.
Registration fee: € 250,00 per person.


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