Board Mom Diah

22/09/15 | Board Mom Diah

Meet Board Mom Diah. She’s 36 years old, a snowboarder, surfer and fanatic runner. She lives in Amsterdam together with her kid Matthew(3) and her husband. And a new one is on it’s way! She’s working as a family docter and is almost finishes with her doctor training.


How do you combine your hobbies with being a parent? 

Most of the time we have to rely on the weekends, arrange a sitter, do them somewhere in between or when he is asleep. When Matthew was still a baby I started putting him on a mat with some toys and set up my laptop with Kayla’s ebook or some youtube channel and do my work-outs in the living room. I still do this and sometimes he joins me, which is great fun lifting him (and heavier as he grows bigger ;) )! During my husband’s and my runs he sits in the Bugaboo. Our fast and interval runs we run separately. We surf without Matthew, who then gets to spend some extra time at my parents or my sister or he joins us at the beach and we go in alternating. In March we went to Austria for wintersports. It was Matthew’s first time. He had skiing class in the mornings and in the afternoons we would play together in the snow. All in all, we try to get Matthew as much involved as he and we can!


Do you have to give up (a part of) your hobby because you’re a mom? And if so, how do you deal with that?

Obviously as parents and not living close to the beach, we don’t get to go to the beach to surf as much as we want to, just because it takes more organizing than before. The same goes for the other hobbies. Plus you grow more responsible as there is another person in your life you have to take care of and who really depends on you. You get a lot more careful riding those mountains or paddling all the way back. No living on the edge here!


Are you involving your child into action sports?

I don’t think this question needs any explanation: of course, as much as we can!


Do you feel held back sometimes while participating your sport because you’re having a child?

Definitely not. Sure it requires some adjustments, but we both still can enjoy our sports and Matthew enjoys them with us.


If you could choose, which sport would you choose for your child? Skiing or snowboarding? Surfing or kite surfing? Soccer or field hockey?

Funny question because we actually discussed this at home. He can try them all even though I am not a great fan of soccer (sorry!), but if he loves it I am not going to stop him (well at least I will try ;)). As long as he enjoys what he chooses.


If you could choose, would you choose a successful (business) career for your child or being one of the best athletes in action sports?

Since I grew up with sports, I would like my son to enjoy sports just as much as I do, but in the end I would support him in any choice he makes. And who said a great athlete cannot become a successful businessman as well?


Is the father of your child also an action sports lover? And if so, who got to spend more time in the water or mountains?

I introduced the father to action sports. Since we started surfing and snowboarding together, it turned into something we both lost our hearts to. So we mostly try to spend our time 50/50 in the water and up in the mountains.


What is the best part of being a board mom?

Sharing my passion for surfing and snowboarding with this little guy is awesome and I get to do the things I really love. I enjoy being outdoors and the lifestyle that comes with it. I want him to stay curious for new and exciting things and travel the world. And what better way than teaching him to do so while taking a surfboard with you and catching some perfect waves at the same time!


Thanks Diah for sharing your Board mom story with us and good luck with your almost new born!!