Chicky Clinics

Chicky Clinics

In October 2009 Chicky clinics started her first clinics in The Netherlands. Meanwhile, Chicky clinics has grown to a big platform for women who feel connected to action sports. A platform were clinics, trips, blogs and products are offered to women who would like to get introduced into these sports or would like to improve their skills.


Chicky clinics organizes trips and clinics for women in action sports. The mission of Chicky clinics is to increase the participation of women in the action sports. We focus on women who would like to have their first experience with those sports, but also on women who would like to increase their skills level with the help of professional coaches. Besides that, Chicky clinics also functions as a platform for women who share the same interests. Participants meet new buddies on our clinics and trips to share their passion with. Something that we definitely support! We are based in Amsterdam, but our participants come from all over the world.


Chicky clinics was founded by Sanne de Jong. Sanne is a fanatic freerider on ski’s, but is also into snowboarding, surfing and longboarding. In the past, Sanne missed other girls to go riding with and decided that it was time to make a change. That’s how she came up with Chicky clinics. You can follow Sanne on her athlete page by clicking here. Through this page you can track her adventures all over the world.


The target group of Chicky clinics is pretty wide. But the main focus is on women from 20 till 45 years old. That doesn’t mean that you’re not welcome, if you are younger or older then these ages! The youngest participant at a clinic was 8 and the oldest was 56. Age doesn’t play a role when it comes down to these sports. Everybody comes to our events with the same goal. The shared goal is connecting, no matter what age you are. Ride 2 dream & dream 2 ride! That’s our slogan and every woman can join us aboard of this awesome ride!


The action sports that we are offering are diverse. During the winter we offer freestyle and freeride skiing and snowboarding. During the summer we offer wakeboarding, skateboarding, surfing, kite & wind-surfing, longboarding, motorcross and downhill mountainbike clinics. Chicky clinics is specialized in coaching women in action sports. After all, our coaches know how it is to deal with the unknown, because they have been there as well. Our professional coaches are there to support you in a save way and to help you improve your skills. Everything is done step by step, so that no unnecessary risks are taken. We will keep everything save but fun! And our experienced and professional guides are there to give you the ultimate experience!


Besides the clinics and trips, Chicky clinics offers women accessories that you need to practice these action sports. Think about spring wetsuits, lycra’s, flip flops, mittens, thermo layers, goggles and so on from brands like Roxy, Vans and Mons Royale. Special offers will be available to you when you join one of our events.


After 5 years we are ready for more adventure! And we hope to continue with this concept for a very long time. Hope to see you some day to share a wave, some powder turns or any other ride!