18-10-2016 - Surfing and riding powder in Japan? Yes, you can!

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Surfing and riding powder in Japan? Yes, you can!

When passionate wanderlust becomes reality, horizons widen, engaging all the senses with excited anticipation and that´s when the hearts of two soul-surfing women beat the hardest. 


After a trip to Norway last year, this winter’s adventure for Aline Bock and Lena Stoffel meant turning WAY NORTH into WAY EAST and looking to more distant horizons for another exciting project for the two friends.


The small team – consisting of Aline; 2010 Freeride World Tour Champion, Lena; professional freeskier, filmmaker Mathias Koegel, and local guide and photographer Aaron Jamieson – met in Hokkaido to prepare for a late winter sojourn. Equipped with skis and boards for all kinds of waves and snow, they set off in search of the famous Japanese powder snow and perfect waves but also to discover the reality of life in Japan, post-Fukushima. “ We wanted to get our own personal insight of the situation and the reality of nuclear pollution after the accident and even more importantly, get to know what the local population thinks about it“ says Aline. 


In short, a must see documentary! 


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