21-02-2017 - We LOVE the new Pop Surf Collection of Roxy!!

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We LOVE the new Pop Surf Collection of Roxy!!


Ok, we know it's still winter... but after seeing the new Pop Surf Collection from Roxy, we would wish it's already summer! The new collection has many products to offer. The collection has bikini's, spring suits, flip flops, beach towels, bags, leggings, lycra's and sweaters. In short, all the items that you need to look more then great this summer! For this collection they designed different types of bikini's. From fashionable bikini tops till top that won't dissapear once you got caught by a wave. The bikini bottums also comes in different kind of shapes! Are you a surfer girl who likes to wear a bit more in teh water while surfing? Check the summer suits and the matching surf leggings and lycra's. They got it all!! 


Underneath you will find our favourite picks! Which item is your favourite?







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