27/04/19 | Tropical Surf Trip

The sun is waking you up, you hear the birds singing, you get out of your bed and look straight towards the azure sea were the perfect wave is rolling. You jump into your bikini, grab your board and walk through the tropical garden straight into the water. The warm and salty water makes sure you are waking up slowly. Once you’re in the line-up you are enjoying a lovely morning sun, the peacefulness and the clean waves that are coming in. After this good morning session you let the salty water glide of your skin while you are taking a jump into the infinity pool. It’s time for a healthy breakfast! Who doesn’t want to start their day like this?!


In April 2019 we have a new tropical Surf Trip planned for you! The location? At this moment we are working on it! Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, Bali... Pack your bikini and ride with us!!


Price of the trips-surf: € 899,00 per person.
Registration fee: € 250,00 per person.


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